"The tin man XGMA machinery design feast" debut CIIF

2017-07-05 15:47
"The tin man XGMA machinery design feast" debut CIIF
"Taiwan Trade Fair" was renamed "expo"
By April 12th, Chinese mechanical and electrical products import and Export Chamber of Commerce, the Taiwan electrical and electronic manufacturers association and the Xiamen City Hall jointly organized the 2015 Xiamen industrial exposition and the nineteenth Taiwan Trade Fair held in Xiamen International Convention and exhibition.
It is reported that, after the approval of the Ministry of Commerce, has been successfully held eighteen sessions of "fair and mechanical and electronic products on both sides of the Xiamen Straits of import and Export Commodities Fair" from 2015 officially changed its name to "Xiamen Industrial Exposition & machinery and electronics trade fair". The opening of the new name "Xiamen Industrial Fair" is the inheritance and development of Taiwan Trade Fair, also means that the upgrade of the further transformation of Taiwan Trade fair.
The exhibition, Xiamen engineering machinery old state-owned enterprises -- Xiamen XGMA machinery Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "company") of the mechanical performance of suction eye of numerous District, the ARATS chairman Chen Deming, Xiamen mayor Pei Jinjia and other leaders will be, "guys" to attract. It is reported that this year, the continuing large-scale exhibition, loaders, excavators, carrying the new pavement machine, minicomputers, forklift, truck and other balance of 30 models debut, a total area of 2000 square meters, and specifically in a display area, set up a "tin man feast".
The smart show forklift slip
I saw a concise fashion, forklift with music around the plum blossom, skilled movements, smart full; again, a handsome boy handheld remote control to display the skid loader "intelligent unmanned technology, followed by" two beauty of mechanical hand machinery exhibition to a small climax, when the audience see skid loader "walking", "jump", "jump"...... Of all praise!
The 956HN upgrade, loaders and excavators 815EL with unique rushed to the scene to add to the fun. "Open a bottle of beer", "series," nut "egg bowl shovel installed", "balloon tofu", "tin pyramid"...... A series of detailed work is as the acme of perfection! Quick, flexible, efficient, and reliable performance, is on the above interpretation, is to upgrade the performance XGMA machinery more flexible, more stable, more intelligent recognition.