Prediction: the construction of nuclear power China ushered in the peak

2017-07-05 15:55
Prediction: the construction of nuclear power China ushered in the peak
Since 2014, several high-level position to support the construction of nuclear power, nuclear power construction China route seemed to clear up.
In November 19, 2014, the State Council issued the energy development strategy and action plan (2014-2020), proposed in 2020, will be the basic form Chinese energy security system more perfect, energy self-sufficiency ability remained at around 85%, the energy reserves of the emergency system was basically completed, of which, the nuclear power installed capacity of 58000000 kilowatts.
The State Council issued the "planning" also requires long-term development of nuclear power by 2020, China's nuclear power installed capacity will reach 58000000 kilowatts. Among them, in the construction of capacity will reach 30000000 kilowatts, and as of 2014, China's unit in operation and under construction 50000000 kilowatts.
The nuclear industry expert Tang Zide said in an interview with the media, to achieve the 2020 nuclear power installed capacity of 58000000 kilowatts goal, this should be in the next 6 years, the use of 40 new reactors.
Last year in the eastern coastal nuclear power restart policy driven, significantly accelerate the development of domestic nuclear power market. Public data shows, at that time, in addition to Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power and Liaoning Xu Fort nuclear power projects, to carry out preparatory work for the project as well as the Zhejiang three, Shandong two Haiyang two, Guangdong, Fujian Lufeng a Zhangzhou, Fujian, Shandong and Fuqing three in Rongcheng, Jiangsu Tianwan Nuclear demonstration phase two and Guangxi Fangchenggang two.
Shenyin Wanguo analyst Qian Qimin said, nuclear power is the big theme can throughout 2015 investment field. These projects are expected to start construction this year.
Analysts pointed out that, the central high-level attention to the eastern coastal nuclear power, in addition to the traditional view of the relationship between the national energy security strategy, but also hope that the future of China's economic downside risks to the economic needs of China speed, after all, nuclear power and other clean energy industries support.
Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant is located in Liaoning Province, from the regional strategy, major investment projects in the Northeast itself on high-end manufacturing pull will have important significance to revitalize the northeast old industrial base. The energy industry information analysts told the "United Daily Chinese Gan radium" reporter.
From the perspective of regional coordinated development, Hongyanhe Nuclear power plant belongs to the economic circle of Bohai Hongyanhe the northeast, the two phase of the project as the first project officially started, is the most qualified, but also has great symbolic significance.
As China's nuclear power into the reset spring, localization and commercialization will enter a new stage of development of China's nuclear power industry. Statistical data shows, this will bring the upstream nuclear power equipment manufacturer huge order. According to the calculation of the CICC, nuclear power equipment manufacturing to the 2020 market size of up to 300000000000 yuan. Among them, as the most important part of nuclear power investment, investment in nuclear power equipment has become the focus of the industry. According to statistics, investment in nuclear power equipment accounts for about a total investment of 60% nuclear power plants. A million kilowatt nuclear power plant investment of about 25000000000 yuan, can drive the related mechanical and electrical products and materials 15000000000 yuan.
UnionPay letter issued by the Beijing Electric Power Industry Research Report "China monthly magazine in 2015 2" display, 2014 Chinese nuclear power industry has experienced profound changes and major events, China nuclear power installed capacity in 2016 is expected to surpass South Korea ranked fourth in the world.
In addition, according to the World Nuclear Association, 2015-2030 years of overseas new nuclear power plants in 160 or so, the new investment of $1500000000000, a huge market space. China's nuclear power technology is mature, the localization rate high, low cost, and has a wealth of operational experience, will be for the nuclear power go out to lay a good foundation.