Summary: 4, from concept to reality

2017-07-05 15:58

Summary: 4, from concept to reality

In 2011, Germany put forward the "4" of the concept of industrial fair in Hannover, Hannover has witnessed thedevelopment of German industry 4. This year's show is undoubtedly a major breakthrough: Industrial 4 has started from the concept stage to application stage.

With the integration of information technology and network technology, information technology, computer technology, automation technology, software and the depth of interleaving to produce new value model. In the field of manufacture, the resources, information, goods and people are related to each other, to form a "virtual networkphysical system, Germany called" 4 ", is also called the" fourth industrial revolution "referred to the three industrial revolution and before, the industry that can be classified as" Mechanical Age "" electrical and automation era "and" the electronic information age".

The proposed industrial 4 of this concept is to ensure that Germany has become a new generation of industrial production technology supply of China and dominate the market, to keep Germany's global competitiveness.

At this year's Hannover Expo, industrial 4 almost everywhere. German information technology, communications andnew media association expert Dost said in an interview with reporters, in this year's show, almost every two standsin a 4 and related industry. In the exhibition, the exhibitors at the 4 industrial products can be used in factories fromequipment installation to almost all aspects of production and logistics.

A set of 4 related equipment from German Bosch Rexroth exhibited, combining reality with the help of virtual deviceequipment, production equipment designers can greatly reduce the design time and debugging time, cutproduction costs.

The software company SAP will simulate a set of application of industrial equipment technology to booth 4. One of the designers of Schweizer said that the product template was placed in the production line, it is a small chip, whichhas all the information the user specific requirements on the product, through between the chip and production equipment of "exchange", the product template through a series of process after the production of personalized products customized. Such a variety of personalized configuration of a production line can produce the product.

Schweizer also said that if the idea of further stages of production, products from single to logistics and eventually sent to the whole process of the user, it can be realized by 4 industrial technology. SIEMENS's display at the Expo's theme is "to lead the industry 4 - digital business process". According to reports, SIEMENS manufacturing and information technology, the development of 4 industrial products has been in the market, has been recognized by customers.

Investigation report on German information, communication and new media association 13 Workers in Hannover Expo announced that the current major German industry 44% enterprises have adopted the industrial 4 relatedtechnology and production mode. German machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Industry Associationspokesman Bruckner said, the association's nearly 50 member companies in the Expo are displayed in realindustrial 4 products, which fully shows that the industry has to 4 from a concept into a reality.

Dost think, the German industrial 4 application is still in the initial stage, with the in-depth exploration, industrial 4contains more and more. Because of the industrial 4 strategy scale more and more big, the German government 14 days at the Hannover Expo announced the launch of the upgraded version of "industrial 4 platform, the platformleading group composed of the German economy minister Gabriel, Minister of education and scientific research,business cards, trade unions and industry representatives, aims to adjust the existing" industry 4 platform with the broader political and social foundation, to promote its development process.